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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Far Out Space Nuts

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

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For those of us a certain age, a 1970's Sid and Marty Kroft title is the only way to explain a week where Ohio State loses to Penn State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma combine for 1780+ yards, Leonard Fournette destroyed a defensive back and both Oregon and Notre Dame are 2-5 each.

Yes, Alabama secured their grip on #1 by handily beating Texas A&M and Michigan staked a claim for the playoff with yet another dominant performance (beat Illinois 41-8). 

But as we all know College Football if nothing else---is always in flux and now that we've hit Week #9, you can expect the unexpected. There are several big games this week--games which likely will change the face of our polls.

Enough of the freaky weird and on to the freaky good....12 and 1. Yup, 12-1. 71-11 for those of you keeping track at home. And that my friends is making the clouds part on an overcast day if I do say so my ownself.....

But alas--the Countdown is at hand and as the great Casey Kasem once said---It's on with the Countdown


1. Alabama 8-0: Is anyone gonna beat the Tide? Stupidly, LSU fans are chanting they want 'Bama which may...or may not be a good thing (the 2 teams play in Baton Rouge Nov.5th).

Many picked Texas A&M to knock 'em off too. Yeah, it didn't end well for the Aggies either. This Week: BYE

2. Michigan 8-0:  Things have a way of sorting out and while the Wolverines are ranked hire, the drivers seat in the Big 10 is not yet theirs. Every game from here is easily winnable. Except for one. The last one. And it's on the road. This Week: at Michigan St. ; Our Pick: Michigan 44, Michigan St. 21

3. Clemson 7-0: No, the Tigers haven't been crazy good. But they keep winning. And that's important. The defense is Top 10 in the country and the offense needs to catch up. The last BIG test is staring them right in the face. This Week: at FSU; Our Pick: Clemson 31, FSU 29

4. Washington 7-0: We are still amazed the Huskies are here but man...they are dominating in virtual obscurity in Seattle. They're killing it on both sides of the ball and Jake Browning gives them a threat to strike at any time. Like this team. Like this team a lot. This Week: at Utah; Our Pick: Washington 35, Utah 31

5. Texas A&M 7-1: Another team we really like. They gave Alabama a good fight but made mistakes. The defense is better but can be exposed. If they shore that up, who knows. They need SEC help but anything is possible. This Week: vs. New Mexico St.; Our Pick: Aggies 52, New Mexico St. 13

6. Ohio State 7-1: Did not see the fall coming so quick. The Buckeyes seemed disinterested in Penn State and paid the ultimate price. If you wanna win a title, you can't slip like that. However, they win out...and the Buckeyes still will be in the playoff. No easy task. This Week: vs. Northwestern; Our Pick: tOSU 47, Northwestern 17

7. Louisville 7-1: Another impressive win but questions still remain on defense. If you can slow Lamar Jackson down, the Cardinals can be beat. But can you slow him down? Unless Clemson loses twice, no ACC title hopes here. Sorry guys. This Week: at UVA; Our Pick: Louisville 52, Virginia 10

8. Nebraska 7-0: Yup, the Huskers ain't pretty but they're undefeated. No dominant numbers just consistency. But the next couple weeks will tell the tale. Can they maintain? We have questions. This Week: at Wisconsin; Our Pick: Wisconsin 24, Nebraska 17--UPSET!!

9. West Virginia 7-0: Undefeated. Top 10 offense. The Mountaineers have surprised almost everyone after years of being just ok. Skyler Howard has been great at QB and while not dominant, the defense is in the Top 60 this season. And that's enough. This Week: at Oklahoma St.; Our Pick: West Va. 43, Okie St. 41

10. Boise St. 7-0: The Broncos were lucky. A blocked field goal by Boise and missed Hail Mary by BYU and we would longer be talking about this team. But they won. 28-27, but they won. So they stay. This Week: at Wyoming; Our Pick: Wyoming 31, Boise 27---UPSET!!

11. Utah 7-1: This is in part due to us avoiding putting a 2-loss team here. There may be a couple of better teams. But that will sort itself out too. The Utes are leading the Pac 12 South and that counts for something. This Week: SEE #4

12. Western Michigan 8-0: Yup, another undefeated team. Pretty good for a MAC squad, the Broncos are a tougher out than you think. 12th ranked offense in the country folks. Don't look for them to lose either. This Week: BYE


One thing about the barrel. While it occasionally changes--the mean always sets in. Those who leave almost always come back. There are exceptions to this rule. But not many.

5. Rice 1-6: Yes, I know. The Owls won a game. But it was against Prairie View. Not enough to leave the Barrel. Sorry. Just a fact of life. There are at least a couple more chances they win and then they are gone from our list. But not yet. This Week: at LaTech; Our Pick: La. Tech 37, Rice 31

4. Fresno State 1-7: Hi Fresno! How the heck are ya? Been a rough year and now you are looking for a coach after firing the estimable Tim  DeRuyter. Beating Sacramento State doesn't get you a pass guys. You aren't good. Deal with it. This Week: vs. Air Force; Our Pick: Air Force 37, Fresno 10

3. Bowling Green 1-7: 3 reasons you know a team sucks. 2 games where they gave up 77 points. And a loss to Miami, Ohio. This is a bad team Jerry, a bad team. 125th in all the land on defense...and #3 in our hearts (there's worse). This Week: BYE

2. Buffalo 1-7: Oy, pity poor Buffalo. Thankfully football season is almost over. But until then, they have to watch this team play 4 more times. One of those against Bowling Green. Yikes! This Week: vs. Akron; Our Pick: Akron 31, Buffalo 7.

1. Kansas 1-7: Welcome back Jayhawks fans, we missed you. Well, not really but you get the idea. The Jayhawks actually played Oklahoma State tight for almost a half. Moral victories for them are huge. Yuge...I tell you. This Week: at Oklahoma; Our Pick: Sooners 53, Jayhawks 21

And with that we leave you with a subtle reminder about life as a child of the 70's. We were subjected to some really, really weird shit which sometimes is appropriate for describing the odd things living in Sports today. 

Ponder this as you dwell on your week ahead in College Football....goodnight and goodbye...

Tampa Bay Goalie Ben Bishop gets win but loses Two Teeth

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

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Tuesday night was Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Ben Bishop's best game of the season, he shut out the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-0. But the win came at a price.

Bishop's heroics were overshadowed by a shot he took off the goalie mask in the 2nd period on a shot by Toronto's Peter Holland. The shot hit Bishop's mask near where his mouth sits. The result was, um...well at least looked really painful.

And yet again if you question the toughness of hockey players you shouldn't. Bishop's teammate Brian Boyle picked up the teeth and gave them to the team trainer. After a good once over, Bishop put his mask back on and continued playing....

That hurts just to watch....

Too Soon? Cleveland PD trolls Chicago after Game 1 Win

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

by: OSGPhil/@osgphil

Like OSG Sports on Facebook game does not a series make. And while the teams have been quiet and not chirping at each other, the Cleveland Police Department felt compelled to chime in.

Not long after Cleveland Indians ace Corey Kluber's dominating pitching performance helped his team shut down the Chicago Cubs 6-0 in Game 1 of the World Series, the PD felt compelled to tweet about it....

Nice burn there guys. And while we enjoyed watching the game on TV, we've got no dog in the hunt. But we will say just because you convincingly won the first game---at home, there's a long way to go before this series is over.

Those words may come back to haunt you....